Day 2:

Since I am feeling a little sick and was still tired from the day before, I have decided not to do any sports for today.

Again I had a soup that served me for 2 meals. Soup was in tot 460 calories.

I bought  some fresh pressed orange juice, we have a machine in the store so you can press it yourself. Also had an mango and some soya vanilla yoghurt.

Weigh in: 90,0kg

Total calories consumed this day: 1500 which is a little higher than the reality since some meals where spread over 2 days. Couldn’t finish it all.

Day 1: The delayed start


So today I finally started doing my diet, about 4 months later.

The day starts with drinking a big glass of water or two of them.

I started to do some exercises on an empty stomach. First I had a proper warm up and then 10 minutes of skipping rope.

Followed by 10 rounds of HIIT. 30 seconds 85% running, 30 seconds walking, for 10 rounds.

After that I did push ups, planks etc.

For breakfast/lunch I had a soup.
Onion – 240grams
Zucchini – 280 grams
Garlic – 20 grams
Brussels Sprouts – 200 grams
Cheese – 50 grams
Maggi Broth – 2 cubes
Some water

Total calories = 448 of wich 200 for the cheese.

Then I had some Soya Yoghurt 250grams = 190 calories.

So far 5 cups of coffee with sugar = 130 calories. (I will cut them)

Starting weight: 90,0kg

Afternoon evening

Weight loss plan number one

The first test in the weight loss department.

As I said before I only like practical, simple sollutions and I dont believe in magical pills or super foods.

For my first test I will run 20 days and I will test out a back to basics diet. 10 days with meat and the next 10 days without meat, to see what happens and how I feel along the way.

What can I eat; Fruit, Legumes and Meat. Anything that lives or grows on the planet in its basic onprocessed form. So no ready to cook meals, ready gravy’s or any meal that is made for you.

What can I drink? Water and fresh squeezed juices, made by myself or if somebody squeezes or blends it in front of my eyes. No added sugars, syrup or whatever.

What can’t I eat; No Restaurants or foods that are prepared by someone I dont know or doesn’t follow the instructions given for this diet. No sugar (processed), no rice, no pasta, no potato’s (mass food), no milk, no coffee.

Start date: 24th of May 2017

What is the goal of this blog

Its especially a reminder and a notebook for myself but if it can help others to improve their lives that would be great as well!

I will focus on a few things that matter to me and I will test things as I move allong and write down what works and what doesn’t work for me. The subjects will be the following; saving money, losing weight, eating right, making money and Achieving some sort of Freedom to do whatever it is what I want to do.

I try to find products or methods that are simple and actualy work, no super products or super foods or any of that crap will be used nor will I write about that nonsense. Only logic and smart things will be considered.

So for me this is my personal journey to a healthy, balanced, happy and financialy free life.

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