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What is Personal Change?

  • Personal Change exists to provide tools and coaching empowering you to accelerate specific and lasting improvement by your design.

Personal Change - Its Focus

  • Each of us is given the innate and accurate guidance of the spirit to assist us in our human experience. Personal Change honors this reality by providing coaching, tools and workshops that bring clarity, understanding and coherence of your life into new personal action. Coherence of your heart, mind, spirit and body, all in sync together, allows increasing flow of the life force within according to your design.

About Paul Searles: Personal Change was started by Paul in 1993. He conducted research and personal training to understand the process of making successful and lasting personal improvement. Having achieved success first with himself, he designed the PowerShift! series of tool sets and workshops to help others accelerate change in their own lives. Paul was born and raised in Gainesville, FL. He obtained a BS in Civil Engineering at the University of Florida in 1977. After working 12 years for Hewlett-Packard, he decided to leave that profession and live his life's passion. He is a single parent with 3 children living in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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